Air Conditioner Universal Remote – Flexibility of Our Universal Remotes

Is it me or does everything now seem to be switched on either by a push of a button or a swipe of an Iphone. The modern world is fast becoming a place where people require instant / quick success or they will go elsewhere. We have found that customers who have contacted us have purely done so because they have been let down by their original supplier / retailer. Either they have been treated poorly over the phone or at the counter, the products they have been supplied haven’t worked or they have taken too long to respond to a need that the customer deems ‘important to them’.

At Universal Remote Controls, we provide same day dispatch of universal remotes for air conditioners along with garage remote controls. We pride ourselves in ensuring all of our customers are happy with our products and our service. If we decide during consult that our remotes may not be compatible with the customer’s needs, we try and assist them in the right direction so they can get a desirable result as quick as possible.

If during the consult with the customer we resolve our universal remotes are appropriate for their needs, we can ensure that all of our products come with simple to use instructions. We also guarantee that we have team eagerly waiting on the phone to assist if there is ever any concerns in programming the remotes.

Both of our universal remote controls for air conditioners (Kt-e08 and the K-1000E) come with an instruction list which consist of a “Brand and Code List” which highlights the specific code that will synchronise with your specific unit / brand type.  A unique attribute that both our remotes contain is the last brand name in the list called “Other”. From ongoing research and testing with products and units in Australia, we have found that this specific range has been successful in synchronising with popular brands that are not listed on the Brand and code List. For example, in October last year a customer asked me if we had a remote that was compatible with the brand “Econ Air” as he found it was difficult to find an original brand remote. Our research team investigated the likelihood if any of our air conditioner universal remotes would be compatible with this brand and found the Kt-e08 was successful. The actual specific code number that worked was 791.

We are constantly trying to improve our products and trying to find out what is best for our customers. We will keep you all informed when we find more brands that our remotes are compatible with in the future.

So remember, if you have a remote that you cannot find a compatible remote for and it doesn’t seem to be on our detailed brand and code list, don’t be concerned. There’s a chance it could be compatible in our “Other” category on at least one of our universal remotes.

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