6000 reasons why universal air conditioner remotes are a smart choice

Before we work out the benefits of an air conditioner universal remote, it is important to understand what a universal remote is.

“A universal remote is a remote control that can be programmed to operate various brands of one or more types of consumer electronics devices. Low-end universal remotes can only control a set number of devices determined by their manufacturer, while mid and high end universal remotes allow the user to program in new control codes to the remote. Many remotes sold with various electronic devices include universal remote capabilities for other types of devices, which allow the remote to control other devices beyond the device it came with. For example, a VCR remote may be programmed to operate various brands of televisions.” Wikipedia

At Universal Remote Controls, we sell universal remotes in the form of Air Conditioner remotes. Both our remotes (The K-1000E and the KT-e08) are compatible with most brands in the world including the more common brands in Australia such as Daikin, LG, Fujitsu, Mitsubishi, Panasonic, Samsung and Sharp. Both remotes have the capacity to be compatible with up to 6000 different types of models including a vast amount of Asian brands such as Changchong, Jinbeijing, Mitsuka and Xinlin.

The K-1000E is the latest type of universal Air-Conditioning remote control. It has a digital automatic searching code function that makes your programming task simple. It has a big LCD display consisting of a signal sending, fan and blowing direction display along with a run mode, temperature display and clock. Other features include a low power consumption function, complete function and an over 8 metre operable distance capability.

The KT-e08 is a new product with several patent technologies. No matter what time of the year, you can create an environment with the required temperature of your liking at the ease of your fingertips. This remote control with 6000 codes is compatible with 98% of Air-conditioners around the world. This remote also has a clock, timer On/Off, room temperature display and other functions. It is a more compact remote and fits snuggly in your hand.

Majority of our business has come from frustrated customers that have either been treated poorly by other retailers or have found it difficult to near as possible in some cases to get the correct remote for their unit. One thing to factor in when researching a specific remote is when you are buying an ‘original’ remote that is specific to a single brand, you will find that either a retailer or installer / repair company will charge you an excessive amount of money that is not justified. Our remotes are not only cheaper, but they are flexible enough to be compatible with many brands.

We also stick by our products and are proud of them. If you receive one of our remotes in the mail and find it difficult to synchronize the remote to your unit, don’t hesitate to call the 1300 number on our website. We have staff that are waiting on the other end of the phone happy to help.

So please, don’t spend your precious time in researching the brand and exact model type you require. Give us a call and we can take all of the hassle away from you and provide a remote that is compatible to your needs.

Air Conditioner Universal Remote – Flexibility of Our Universal Remotes

Is it me or does everything now seem to be switched on either by a push of a button or a swipe of an Iphone. The modern world is fast becoming a place where people require instant / quick success or they will go elsewhere. We have found that customers who have contacted us have purely done so because they have been let down by their original supplier / retailer. Either they have been treated poorly over the phone or at the counter, the products they have been supplied haven’t worked or they have taken too long to respond to a need that the customer deems ‘important to them’.

At Universal Remote Controls, we provide same day dispatch of universal remotes for air conditioners along with garage remote controls. We pride ourselves in ensuring all of our customers are happy with our products and our service. If we decide during consult that our remotes may not be compatible with the customer’s needs, we try and assist them in the right direction so they can get a desirable result as quick as possible.

If during the consult with the customer we resolve our universal remotes are appropriate for their needs, we can ensure that all of our products come with simple to use instructions. We also guarantee that we have team eagerly waiting on the phone to assist if there is ever any concerns in programming the remotes.

Both of our universal remote controls for air conditioners (Kt-e08 and the K-1000E) come with an instruction list which consist of a “Brand and Code List” which highlights the specific code that will synchronise with your specific unit / brand type.  A unique attribute that both our remotes contain is the last brand name in the list called “Other”. From ongoing research and testing with products and units in Australia, we have found that this specific range has been successful in synchronising with popular brands that are not listed on the Brand and code List. For example, in October last year a customer asked me if we had a remote that was compatible with the brand “Econ Air” as he found it was difficult to find an original brand remote. Our research team investigated the likelihood if any of our air conditioner universal remotes would be compatible with this brand and found the Kt-e08 was successful. The actual specific code number that worked was 791.

We are constantly trying to improve our products and trying to find out what is best for our customers. We will keep you all informed when we find more brands that our remotes are compatible with in the future.

So remember, if you have a remote that you cannot find a compatible remote for and it doesn’t seem to be on our detailed brand and code list, don’t be concerned. There’s a chance it could be compatible in our “Other” category on at least one of our universal remotes.

Universal Garage Door Remote Controls

Do you have a secure garage door? Your garage door needs to be as secure as your front door.
We know the garage door can be an easy access point into the house and this is the reason why they provide a desirable route for thieves. Once inside your house, these criminals have access to all your belongings. A remote control for the garage allows us to get inside our garage easily and can ensure immediate security / safety at the push of a button.

Unfortunately, remote controls generally have a life span and also have a tendency to malfunction at times. In the case the remote control buttons fail to function, you may think of replacing the whole garage door motor and opening unit. Don’t do that just yet as there is an inexpensive alternative; the purchase of a universal remote control.

Universal remote controls are also ideal in replacing an original remote control brand that the manufacturer is no longer selling. In the event that this device gets broken, a compatible remote should be able to do the job. If you lose your remote control door opener but you are unclear on the model of the device, then a universal remote will most likely do the trick.

A universal remote is also easy to program given that the instructions for doing this are relatively simple.

Universal garage door remote controls are devices you can program for new or old models of garage door openers that are compatible with a wide array of brands. You will need to research which universal remote is compatible with which original brand of remote control for your garage door.

Ask us about any garage door remote control dilemma and we’d gladly recommend universal garage door remote controls.