Is it safe to purchase garage door remotes online?

I heard on the news the other day that online shopping has taken over retail shopping in Australia. And why not, the range of products is amazing, the shopping is secure, the delivery is quick and if returns are required, they are also quick with no questions asked. With the busy lifestyle we all live, shopping has never been easier.

In saying this, there are a couple of things that you do need to be aware of when online shopping. There are some less reputable companies with websites that provide inferior products for a very cheap price. Remember, if the product is very cheap and the product seems too good to be true, it probably is. Sometimes some websites have products that is half sometimes 3 times less than most of their competitors. Some of these are evident on E-Bay so it is important to do your research first before you buy.

You will find a lot of products sold on E-Bay are from Chinese companies but not all are reputable companies. When we decided to open the business and specialize in remote controls, we realized we needed a reputable manufacturer because it is our reputation that is at stake if our product is not up to standard. We knew we had to align ourselves with experts in the field. Even though we are an Australian based company, our products are manufactured out of China, like most things these days.

There are thousands of manufacturer’s in China and it is easy to form an association with a manufacturer that is substandard and can cause many problems down the track. We went through a detailed research and development phase in investigating who the remote control specialists were in China and narrowed down a list of over 100 into 1.

Other things to watch out if you are buying with a credit card online is if a site has a secured socket layer (SSL) encryption installed. Of course, our site does.

It is also important to give as little as possible information on a website when purchasing a product. This reduces severe outcomes such as stolen identity. You will find our website is very simple and efficient. We only require the basic information to do a transaction.

Lastly, it is safest to protect against malware with regular updates to your anti-virus program. For peace of mind, this is probably best to do anyway.

So factoring in the basic points above, even though online shopping is quick and easy, you do have to be careful when sourcing a product from a reputable company / website. Our website provides various options for garage door remotes. So if you want a replacement remote that is not necessarily an ‘original’ brand item, then we can help. Look at our website under Garage Door Remotes to see what brand types we provide alternative / replacement remotes for.

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