Is there a money back guarantee on universal remotes?

So, what is a money back guarantee?

A money back guarantee is also known as a satisfaction guarantee which essentially means if a consumer is not confident or satisfied with the product they purchased, they can get their money back.

At Uni Remote Controls, we pride ourselves on customer satisfaction and even though we back our products 100%, we offer a “No questions asked” money back guarantee because we want our customers and to be content with our service and our products. We also take pride in our reputation and are always looking at ways to maintain our positive standing in the marketplace.

We have found in the past that the money back guarantee has been required not from faulty products but rather for incorrect universal remotes that have been purchased. It is important to do your research before you purchase a remote. Even with our universal remotes that are compatible with so many different brands around the world, there are still some brands that they are not compatible with. If you are unsure before you purchase a remote, feel free to call and ask questions first to see if the particular remote is what you want and more importantly what you need. Our friendly staff are more than happy to help in advising what best suits you and your requirements.

Other requests for universal remotes have been from customers not realizing their original remote wasn’t faulty and that their actual issue was a mechanical problem with the actual air conditioning unit. They had to call for a serviceman in and it ended up being a costly exercise including his call out fee and the replacement of damaged parts in their unit.

We understand that some of our competitors do not provide a money back guarantee and that is their prerogative. We however provide one because we care about our customer’s satisfaction and we want to focus on providing value and build trust with our customers. We also would like the customer to know that they have nothing to lose when purchasing from us.

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