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Type: Air Conditioner Universal Remote Controls: K-1000E
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The K-100E is the latest type of universal Air-Conditioning remote control. It can remotely control most brands and models of Air-Conditioners. It has a digital automatic searching code function that makes your programming task simple. It has a big LCD display consisting of a signal sending, fan and blowing direction display along with a run mode, temperature display and clock.

Other features include a low power consumption function, complete function and an over 8 metre operable distance capability.

Remote Programming Process
1. Look for the required Brand and associated Code range in the “Brand and Code List” on the back of the Instructions list ie. Brand – DAIKIN, Code – 740-759
2. Aim the Remote at the Air-Conditioning unit
3. Press the “SET” button and hold for approximately 6 seconds. Code numbers will start to flash in the bottom right hand corner of the digital screen
4. Press the “TEMP” arrow buttons “Up” / “Down” to find the exact code number (within the Code Range) for the Brand type you require. (NOTE: If the button is pressed down continuously, the numbers will cycle faster)
5. Press the “TEMP” arrows “Up” / “Down” slowly once you are within the required range for you to synchronize with your required Brand type. Once the remote synchronizes with the Air-Conditioning unit, it will beep and the Air-Conditioning unit will turn on.
6. As soon as it beeps, press “OK”. If you pass the beeping sound, press the “TEMP” arrow buttons “Up” / “Down” slowly to find the exact code number and associated beep.

All universal remote controls come with a exclusive 2 year extended warranty.

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The required range provided per brand type in the “Brand and Code List” in the instructions is a guide only. You may find that the remote may synchronise with your unit either just before the range or just after. It is important you do press the up and down buttons slowly when in the required code range but keep this going after the range if your unit is not synchronsied