QN-RS017X compatible with ATA (PTX-4) Securacode

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Type: QN-RS017X compatible with ATA (PTX-4) Securacode
(Suitable for overhead doors)
Suits models GDO 2v6, 2v7, 4v3 and 6v1
Frequency: 433.92Mhz
Battery: 27A
Modulation: ASK

Remote Programming process
1. Press and hold the Door Code* button on the ceiling mounted receiver/control unit
2. Whilst continuing to press the Door Code* button, select a button on the hand remote unit and press for two seconds
3. Release a button on the hand remote unit only for two seconds
4. Press the hand remote unit button again for two seconds
5. Release both the Door Code* button and the hand remote button at the same time
6. The remote is now successfully compatible with your control unit

Door Code* button
This button name could vary depending on the make or model of door

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The required range provided per brand type in the “Brand and Code List” in the instructions is a guide only. You may find that the remote may synchronise with your unit either just before the range or just after. It is important you do press the up and down buttons slowly when in the required code range but keep this going after the range if your unit is not synchronsied