QN-RS050X compatible with B&D

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Type: QN-RS050X compatible with B&D
Suits B&D products FAM4, FAM5, FAMR, EL4, EL5, ELR, CAD4, CAD5, CADR, CADP, CADP Diamond, CAD Diamond WQ, CAD Diamond PD
Frequency: 433.92Mhz
Battery: CR2016*2
Modulation: ASK

Remote Programming process

  1. Locate the orange coloured  button on the existing ceiling mounted receiver/control unit
  2. Press the orange coloured button for about one second and let go
  3. Press the button you wish to use on the hand remote for about 2 seconds and until the opener light on the receiver flickers / clicks
  4. Press the same button on the hand remote to check it works
  5. The remote is now successfully compatible with your control unit

All universal remote controls come with a exclusive 2 year extended warranty.

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ex_product: <strong>Price: <span style="color: #ff9900;">$29.95</span></strong>   The QN-RS050X is a 3 button fashionable replacement remote that is compatible with B&D original remote (refer image for type). It is also compatible with other B&D models (click “More info” for description and technical details). Even with 3 buttons, it is simple to program and is a compact remote that can fit in the smallest of pockets.
pcode: QN-RS050X
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