When Should You Replace Your Garage Door Remotes?

Like most things, remote controls have life spans. However, one important thing to remember, only replace them when the garage door remote is faulty, not the actual garage door. It is important to work out where the real problem lies before you order a new remote control. Garage doors are fairly simple mechanisms that tend to last a long time, however, they do need servicing. This servicing can including major mechanical work through to a simple replacement of a remote.

At Uni Remote Controls, we do not do servicing of garage doors, we simply provide replacement garage door remotes when you require a replacement remote. We do not carry our mechanical services on garage doors.
So, how do you know if your remote needs replacing?
Well firstly, about 70% of our sales are due to an original remote being lost or misplaced and nowhere to be found. In this case, it is important you find the correct remote to the one you currently have. If you want a replacement remote that is not necessarily an ‘original’ brand item, then we can help. Look at our website under Garage Door Remotes to see what brand types we provide alternative / replacement remotes for. In some cases, people have emailed me a photo of their original brand which makes things easier if they can’t find the specific brand model / type. Other photos we have received are of actual garage door motors. If people have lost their remote and have trouble trying to explain what one they had, a simple photo of the garage door motor will suffice in determining a replacement remote.
Another large percentage of our sales are due to ‘original’ brand remotes becoming faulty and in some cases fall apart. We constantly get told that customers are frustrated with original brands as they are not durable enough for our harsh conditions. With some remotes, the rubber buttons seem to fade over time and have been peeling off and the plastic casing has a tendency to crack when dropped on concrete.Our replacement garage door remote types that are compact and stylish are also very robust. The casings are made of a combination of hard plastic and stainless steel with the buttons consisting of either plastic or stainless steel. No rubber is used in any of our products. Our research and development team are mindful of our competitor’s products flaws and have been investigating ways how we can differentiate ourselves from them and also display our point of difference.
Recently we are finding more and more people are requiring extra remotes for their doors and don’t want to pay the price of the ‘original’ brand. Either their family is growing and their kids are now starting to drive or new tenants have moved in and require additional remotes. We have a good relationship with several Real Estate Rental Agents, Body Corporates and Property Managers that constantly contact us when conditions change in their rental properties.
So remember, before ordering a remote, work out if you have a mechanical problem with the actual door / motor or if you actually have a faulty remote. If it’s a remote you need, call us.

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