Ever moved in to a new place where a remote control was missing?

We know how easy it is to lose a remote, how easily they can break and how
frustrating and expensive it can be to replace it.

At Uni Remote Controls we make it simple and cheap for you to replace an
original remote. We provide alternative remotes that are easy to program and
we guarantee fast service!

You don’t need to spend your valuable time researching specific brand types
that suit your requirements. We provide Air-Conditioner remote controllers
that are compatible with almost all domestic and international brands
whether they are old and / or new types.

Our Garage Door remote controllers are a little more specific. We have
single remotes that are compatible with the more popular single brand /
types. Click on ‘Garage Door Remote Types’ to see what brands our remotes
are compatible with.

You’ll find our alternative remote options are compact and stylish.