Special Deal

At Uni Remote Controls we make it simple and cheap for you to replace an original remote and provide you some Special Deals as well.


Make the most of your purchase from Uni Remote Controls with our goal to achieve ‘Find Your Deals in Your Budget’ and Save up to 70% off on market price.


After all everyone wants to buy a deal and we understand that. Here you can access a huge range of deals and discounts for hot selling items in Homeware, Everyday Living, Kitchen, Gifts, Interesting Ideas and much more.


Your purchase for our remote controls gives you eligibility to buy item in ‘Product on Offer’ Category, so don’t wait, stop paying full price big $$ and start buying our remotes and shop for hot selling items on special deal and reward yourself right away.

*All offers are subject to Terms and Conditions and may change from time to time. Please call us on 07 3061 2925 or send us an email sales@uniremotecontrols.com for the latest details.



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