Do all motors and remotes come with instructions on how to program?

Yes, instructions are included with all orders.

Will programming my new remote affect my old remote?


What is an Original Remote Control?

It is a remote control that was supplied to you with your original purchase.

What is a Replacement Remote Control?

It is a remote control made by another manufacturer (usually us) that will operate exactly like your original remote control.

How do I know which is the correct remote?

If it looks the same and is the same frequency it will work.

How soon is dispatch?

Same Day. We keep all items in stock and provide flat fee delivery charge of $5.95 same day express post delivery.

How can I pay?

Direct Bank Transfer, PayPal, or by either Credit Card online or over the phone, on 07 3061 2925.

Can I return my item if I have chosen the wrong one?

Yes, as long as it is in the original condition, please call us or email us and we can arrange a return.

Do you have any offices in Sydney, Melbourne, or any other capital cities?

No, our office and workshop is in Brisbane

How much is postage?

We provide Flat Fee Delivery Charge of $5.95 same day express post delivery within Australia

Do you post internationally?

Yes we do, but please email us at sales@uniremotecontrols.com to get a quote on the correct postage cost to your country.

(Let us know which remote you require and your delivery address)

Will your Replacement Remote Control operate like my Original Remote Control?

Yes, our Replacement remote controls are a direct replacement for your Original Remote Control.

Do you sell motors and provide servicing of the units?

No, we only provide the remotes, the motors and servicing of units are not part
of our business.

Note for Brand and Code List

The required range provided per brand type in the “Brand and Code List” in the instructions is a guide only. You may find that the remote may synchronise with your unit either just before the range or just after. It is important you do press the up and down buttons slowly when in the required code range but keep this going after the range if your unit is not synchronsied