Once my universal remote control batteries are flat, what do I do?

Like most things, batteries have a lifespan. Once the remote stops working, it’s probably a good idea to check that the batteries are still working or require replacement. If they require replacing, don’t stress. All of the batteries used on our remotes are common and easy to buy. For instance, both of our universal remotes for air conditioners ie. K-1000E and the Kt-e08 require 2 x AAA batteries. These can be bought almost anywhere from a supermarket to a newsagent. It is however, preferred to use more reputable batteries such as Duracell or energizers as they tend to last longer and are better for the remotes.

In regards to the garage door remotes, the batteries are more specific. They are as follows:

For model QN – RS017X (compatible with ATA PTX-4) the battery required is a 27A;

For model QN – RF058X (compatible with Dominator 4 button) the battery required is a CR2032;

For model QN – RF038X (compatible with Merlin M-842) the battery required is a CR2032;

For model QN – RS172X (compatible with Merlin+ 3 button) the battery required is a CR2032; and

For model RS050X (compatible with B&D) the battery required is a CR2016 x 2 batteries.

Again, the above batteries are very common and can be found in shops like Coles and Woolworths and at all reputable battery stores. Please note, these are not like the pencil shaped AAA batteries, all of the above batteries for the garage doors are small and round and are about the same size as a 10 cent piece.

It’s pretty simple to replace the batteries once they have stopped working. The universal remote controls for air conditioners have a little compartment at the back of the remote that can simply be slid open, old batteries removed and replaced by new batteries.

With the garage door remotes, each of the remote controls have small phillips head screws at the back of the remotes that require undoing to open the back of the remote to reveal the existing batteries.

Therefore, if you’re remote stops working and your batteries need replacing, don’t stress, just follow the instructions above and you will be right. It wouldn’t hurt to buy the required batteries above before you actually need them so you can do a quick changeover once they actually need replacing. This means you don’t have to run to the shops as quick as you can.

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